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Erection Enhancers – What is the Best Erection Enhancer?

Here we will look at erection enhancement for men and answer the question which is asked by many men with erection problems which is – what is the best erection enhancer of all? Let's take a look at the various drugs, herbs, creams and other aids to help men get hard and last longer in bed.

What is an Erection Enhancer?

An erection enhancer is simply anything which will help a man get a hard on or help men who can get hard stay harder for longer. So were looking had anything which can give you a stiff erection and help you maintain it, for a longer period of time. We will look at the advantages of each enhancer and also any possible side effects and see which is the best way to get a hard penis and maintain an erection for a lobfer period of time.

There are many different options to look at - so let's start with pills which are sold to treat erectile dysfunction.

Prescription Drugs

The first drug sold to treat erectile dysfunction was PDE5 inhibitor sildenafil (Viagra) and it was followed by two other pills - vardenafil (Levitra), and tadalafil (Cialis) and another is due to enter the market called Avanafil. These pills have only one aim to increase blood flow to the penis and they do this by simply stopping PDE5 which destroys nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is needed for an erection as it allows more blood flow to enter the penile tissue. So while the drugs inhibit PDE5, a man is more likely to get an erection. The advantage of these pills is they work to get most men hard but while they can do this – they can only do so for a short period of time, they don't increase sexual desire and many men need to have the penis physically touched to get hard and finally, they can have adverse side effects.

The best of these erection pills in terms of the time it takes them to work and how long it lasts is Cialis which works in as little as 30 minutes and can help men get erections within a 24 hour time period.

Many men who take these drugs need to pre plan sex and also, as they don't increase sex drive or desire it leaves many men still looking for other erection enhancers which are natural and can also boost libido which we will come to in a moment but let's look at some other erection aids.

Mechanical Aids

Vacuum pumps were a popular option before prescription pills came on the market but are not so popular now for getting a stiff penis and are mostly sold on the idea that you can get a bigger penis with them if you use them regularly but the only way to get a bigger penis is surgery which is discussed else where on this site. Cock rings are still popular and are put around the base of the penis to help the blood stay in and prevent outflow.

Creams for the Penis

There are two different types of cream – there are creams which dull sensitivity which allow men to last longer in bed and others which the makers claim if rubbed on the penis the nutrients enter through the skin and make cure erectile dysfunction – creams for delaying ejaculation can work but creams rubbed on the penis to cure erectile dysfunction don't.

Herbs and Foods

There are also herbs and foods you can eat to cure erectile dysfunction and your diet, plays a key role in both overall health and also sexual health. Its proven that, a poor diet can cause erectile dysfunction and by changing your diet, you can cure erection problems and improve erectile function.

Today many men no longer get the nutrients they need for a healthy penis from their diet. They eat badly become overweight, increase their cholesterol levels and get high blood pressure all of which are known to cause impotence. We have discussed the best foods for an erection elsewhere on this site but the key is to eat foods which are natural, free from additives and other synthetic inputs. There is no single best erection enhancing food, just like you need a balanced diet to keep your body in peak condition, you also need it for peak sexual wellness. There are good foods and bad foods, in terms of sexual health and as long as you eat mostly good foods, you will be amazed at how your sex drive and ability to get an erection will improve. Check out foods to avoid, the best foods to eat and our diet for better sex, on this site for more information on this.

In terms of herbs, they have been used for centuries as dietary supplements to improve sexual wellness. The practice dates back thousands of years in many countries such as China and India. Unlike western societies which prescribe pills for various illnesses from high blood pressure to impotence, the focus on medicine in China and India is to adjust diet and use, herbal supplements to improve all round health and wellness. Today, herbs are becoming more popular in western cultures, as many people want natural cures for health problems.

Herbs such as Ginseng Gingko, Cnidium, Tribulus, Biloba, Maca, Horny Goat Weed and many more, are used to combat erectile dysfunction but there is no single best herbal erection enhancer. The reason for this is they all have different effects on men and specific herbs are prescribed to solve different problems. For example, Cnidium is seen as an excellent herb to increase blood flow to the penis, Maca is seen as a herb to boost energy and libido and Tribulus is seen as the best testosterone booster. When you take herbs to cure ED, you need to take a variety of complimentary herbs, to combat the specific problems you have. You can get herbal sex pills which contain a variety of herbs and you will find the pill, we think is the best reviewed on this site.


The best erection exercises for men are Kegels and we have an article which covers them in more depth on this site. They are mainly used by men with weak pelvic floor muscles to improve erections in terms of stiffness and how long they can be held and there very effective.

The Best Erection Enhancer is:

In terms of the best drug as an erection enhancer - the winner is Cialis, due to its fast acting nature and the length of its effect on the body. In terms of penis exercises, the best are Kegel exercises which we have just mentioned above. In terms of herbs, there is no single herb which can be considered the best (for the reasons we discussed earlier) but in terms of natural erection pills, we like the herbal, hard erection pill - Zenerx. In terms of foods, you need to eat a variety of the right foods, to improve erectile function. If you do eat the right diet and take a good herbal sex pill, you will have a natural route to cure erection problems and also, become more healthy in mind and body at the same time.

Final Words

Choosing the best erection enhancer is not possible because all men are different and have different problems so the solutions are also different but above we have given you a complete overview of the various erection enhancement products and techniques. All you need to do is to pick the right ones for you but in most instances the best route is a good diet combined with a natural erection pill and a healthy lifestyle.

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