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Do Herbal ED Cures Work – If So Why do Drug Companies Make Billions?

Do herbal cures for ED really work and if they do why do drug companies make billions? Surely everyone would be taking natural remedies for erectile dysfunction? Yes herbal cures for ED do work but its important to understand how they differ from drugs to answer this question.

ED Drugs – Benefits BUT Problems Most Men Don't Consider

When Viagra was launched it was seen as the solution to all men’s problems but while drugs such as Viagra can help men get erections, there are problems with taking them. The side effects are well known which can cause health problems and in some circumstances death but the real problem for men is:

Drugs have to be taken before sex and which reduces spontaneity and also while they can get men a hard erection, there is no change in the levels of sexual desire. The penis in most instances, will have to be touched or rubbed to get it hard. The excitement of sex is simply not there for most men because the thought process on its own cannot get the penis erect. The problem with drugs is yes they can get men an erection but you have to remember to take them, they don't improve libido or levels of desire and there expensive.

ED Drugs a Short Term Fix v Herbal Cures for Better Erections and Better Sex

We live in a quick fix society, where everyone wants instant solutions be it a pill for instant weight loss or a pill for an instant erection. It's a fact that most men who take ED drugs don't continue to take them and also, most are disappointed with the results. Most men think their thoughts can stimulate an erection but end up disappointed, when this is not fails to happen. Of course there are some men, who can only get an erection with drugs so it's the only solution to erectile dysfunction for these men but for most men who take ED drugs they could get an erection with natural cures and making changes to their lifestyle.

If you want to enjoy a hard erection, make sure that the thought process stimulates it and enjoy higher levels of desire, you must look at your all round health and wellness and improve it – why? Because sexual health is not detached from all round wellness! Many men think that erection problems are separate to general health problems but there related. If you can't get an erection, you will have health problems elsewhere and you need to heal the whole body to enjoy healthy erections and better sex.

All Round Health and Wellness = Better Erections and a Higher Libido

Herbal cures for erection problems have been used for many thousands of years and in the traditional medicine of India and China, the idea of all round wellness being needed for peak sexual health has been known for several thousand years and today, many men are looking for natural remedies for hard erections and are rejecting the quick fix option of drugs.Herbs can help cure many problems in the body which can cause weak erections, erectile dysfunction or lack of sexual desire. We have looked at how the herbs work in other areas of the site but in summary – they boost blood flow to the penis, reduce stress and anxiety levels and boost testosterone levels in the body – all of which are needed for strong erections and high levels of sexual desire. If you take the best erection herbs your body will be getting extra nutrition, to deal with the problems which cause erectile dysfunction. In addition, if you make some simple changes to diet and your lifestyle, your overall health and wellness will improve and this will help, cure the problems of Ed and low levels of sexual desire.

In Conclusion

There is no question, that ED drugs work but as we have seen, not only do men not benefit from the all round sexual experience, drugs are expensive too. Some men will only be able to get hard by taking a drug but most men, can cure erection problems by taking herbal cures, make sensible changes to their lifestyle. Not only will they get hard erections, they will rejuvenate their libido and feel better, both on a mental and physical level.

Viagra and other drugs will always make big profits but herbal cures do work and in most instances most men are better off taking natural cures. So if you want to cure ED take the natural alternative in terms of the best herbs for hard erections and enjoy better sex and all round levels of health at the same time.

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